2016 Delicious magazine Food Awards

Kolophon baby capers have received a gold medal

Ever experienced a “food moment”... of unexpected pleasure? Long before we became caper growers, I discovered a pasta dish - Linguini with smoked salmon, peas and vodka that listed capers as a minor ingredient. I made them a major ingredient - by just using more!

The only capers available were imported, preserved in vinegar or brine, and while I liked them, Barry did not. As we began to process our own capers in 2007, using a “dry salt” method, the amazing “true” caper flavour of an eminently more exciting product became apparent, right on our back doorstepImagine....

     a handful of lightly- rinsed, Kolophon capers pickled  

       in Murray River salt, sprinkled liberally over  pasta tossed in

      creamy, garlicky sauce, chunks of diced smoked salmon, garden peas and a dash of vodka to stimulate the taste buds....

    (some moments later)

  In what can only be described as an explosion of flavours,

    a sensory “hit” accompanied by a seismic shift in perception gives way to salty, floral, and fermented mustard notes.

       We  are hooked, there and then ...

KOLOPHON capers are grown sustainably in the  RIVERLAND... clean and fresh, with real caper flavour.

Our caper patch is located 10 kms west of Berri in South Australia’s largest fruit-growing region.



finishing touch”

Barry Porter and Helen Jones

Kolophon’s pickledcaperleaves are available for sale in  Melbourne.....

Did you know...

Our capers were listed in the Top 5 South Australian food products by the Sydney Morning Herald In October 2010.

Riverland Farmer’s Market

BERRI Senior Citizens’ Club Room

off Crawford Tce

Saturdays: 7.30am to 11.30am

SYDNEY Royal Fine Food Show - 2016

Gold Medals - Barry’s perseverance and Kolophon’s on-going commitment to quality. A labour of love that  makes us proud to be South Australian.

Melbourne’s “HellenicRepublic” continues to create tasty mediterranean inspired dishes using Kolophon caper leaves.....

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Celebrity Chef

Callum Hann

  “cooks up a storm”...

Fat Duck

Heston’s UK-based creative team is experimenting with our pickled caper leaves for possible inclusion in trend-setting, herbal cocktail recipes... stay tuned...

ARIA - There is much to sing about as Sydney-based chef Ben Turner introduces pickled caper leaves to discerning Sydney diners at the acclaimed harbour-side restaurant.


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